Milpitas Massage College

Massage by supervised students. Lite or deep. Swedish, Shaitsu, Thai. Etc. Bring your own sheet and towel. Located between i-880 and i-680 by corner of Milpitas Blvd. across from Red Lobster. In three story medical building. We also offer Permanent cosmetics and permanent hair removal. If you get lost on the way please call (408) 946-9522 By appointment only.

Massage Therapist: Milpitas Massage College
Massage Certification: Not Applicable
Phone: 408-291-3256
Website:  <Massage Therapist Must Upgrade Account to see Website Link>

Hours of Training: Less than 100 hrs.

Therapeutic Results: Experiential

Treatment Area: Biomechanical

Massage Rate: $10


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