Abe Naehu

Shiatsu Therapy Aisen Shiatsu Clinic under the guidance of Fumihiko Indei Sensei. Sensei Indei is recognized in Japan as a doctor of Shiatsu. Clinic hours are 5 AM to 8 AM Mondays thru Fridays. Saturdays from 7 AM to 8 AM. Sundays 7 AM to 1 PM.

Massage Therapist: Abe Naehu
Massage Certification: Passed State / Prov. Exam
Phone: 808-596-7354
E-mail: aisen@bigplanet.com
Website:  <Massage Therapist Must Upgrade Account to see Website Link>

Hours of Training: 1000+ hrs.

Therapeutic Results: Corrective

Treatment Area: Biomechanical

Massage Rate: $45


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