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Beth Anne Lockwood

I concentrate in relaxation, hot stone and deep tissue work with an emphasis on back and neck pain.

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Somatic Education

Somatic Education is an integrated approach to massage and bodywork. Its hands-on approach gives the client a practical, dynamic and broad range of body centered healing modalities. Methods include Swedish massage, Acupressure, Halprin Method, Yoga stretches, Cross Fiber Friction, Joint Mobilization and Movement Education. The most practical approach is chosen for its particular strength, in developing an integrated therapeutic approach for the clients well being. Richard Brunner LMT

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Timothy J Starkey

I have studied many different styles of massage. The treatments I give tend to be an eclectic combination of different styles. I attempt to find out why you are looking for a massage and then address those individual reasons by developing a personalized massage treatment for your needs, likes and desires. You receive a treatment designed for your unique needs.

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