Robert A. Brodeur, Lmt, Ncmt

I specialize in Swedish, Shiatsu, Trigger-point,CranioSacral, Reiki, and Yoga Stretching, working in the Philadelphia area/South Jersey while maintaining clientele in NYC. My basis is Swedish but tailor each session with the modalities most appropriate to my client’s needs. A sharing of spiritual energy in a nurturing environment. Office in Manayunk, Philadelphia and Upper West Side of Manhattan. Office:$65.00 Outcall: $90.00

Massage Therapist: Robert A. Brodeur, Lmt, Ncmt
Massage Certification: Passed State / Prov. Exam ,Passed National Exam
Phone: 215-694-0803(PA) 917-285-3351(NY)
Website:  <Massage Therapist Must Upgrade Account to see Website Link>

Hours of Training: 500+ hrs.

Therapeutic Results: Lifestyle

Treatment Area: Biomechanical

Massage Rate: $65

Designation(s):  ,

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